LNP Candidate for Thuringowa Natalie Marr. Picture: Alix Sweeney
LNP Candidate for Thuringowa Natalie Marr. Picture: Alix Sweeney

LNP candidate promises to get tough on youth crime

LNP candidate Natalie Marr will be "rattling cages" down south if elected this year, and believes a "tough" crime plan will help address the city's issues with youth offenders.

A former Townsville City Councillor, Ms Marr is running in the seat of Thuringowa.

The 51-year-old real estate agent lives in Thuringowa Central, having moved to Townsville from Cairns with her family when she was aged seven, and has lived in several suburbs across the electorate including Kirwan and Kelso which she said has given her a "very good understanding of the areas".

"I'll be rattling cages and fighting for everything, nothing will stop me from ringing the southeast corner and saying this is what we need up here," she said.

"I want to give people the confidence that they have a government that's going to help their economy, keep them safe and also too, be proud of where they live again.

"I remember the pride people used to have in living in Townsville and Thuringowa and we don't seem to have that anymore."

Ms Marr said with her 20-year-old daughter studying at university, she now felt ready to enter politics.

"People feel like they're not being heard, so that frustration and my passion and now the ability to commit to the role what's made my put my hand up," she said.

"I've still had the passion from my council days … the part that gave me the most job satisfaction was being out there with the community talking to residents."

Endorsing the LNP's plan to make breach of bail an offence for juveniles, Ms Marr said the community was crying out for youth offenders to be held accountable for their actions.

"People want to see consequences of crime … they want someone to be tough on crime, if you do something wrong you should pay the penalty for that," she said.

"Once we these offenders locked up in some form of detention … the streets will be safe, these kids will be safe, and then we can help rehabilitate them.

"People want to see them off the street and if they continue have a slap on the wrist and be on their way, nothing's going to change."

A Crime Stoppers volunteer of 10 years, she said programs were needed to teach youth skills and to prevent them from becoming disengaged from the community.

"We find when you get the young kids involved in volunteering, it gives them great work ethic," she said.

"They're obviously involved with people who have a passion for something and they have a sense of belonging.

"We needs to get these kids when they're young, we need to get them involved, we need programs."

Ms Marr will be fighting to win the seat from incumbent MP Aaron Harper, Pauline Hanson's One Nation candidate Troy Thompson and Katter's Australian Party candidate Julianne Wood.

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