Daniel Hevenor with his children’s book titled Cats in the City.
Daniel Hevenor with his children’s book titled Cats in the City. Mike Knott BUNCAT

Literary work heads for bookshelves

A CHILDREN’S book written during one inspired night in Alaska has finally been published by a Bundaberg man after languishing in a drawer for 14 years.

Daniel Hevenor was finally persuaded to have the book published after meeting a woman on a plane who put him in contact with an artist who could illustrate his book.

Mr Hevenor got in touch with the artist, Beverley Wood, who had illustrated children’s books before, and his work is finally ready to hit the bookshelves.

The artwork from the book is also about to go on display in a Canberra gallery.

“It just sat in my drawer for 14 years,” Mr Hevenor said.

“I would let people read it, and they said I should publish it.

“But it doesn’t happen that easily, it’s a lot of work and it costs a lot of money to get published.”

Mr Hevenor said publishing took a lot of work.

“For a guy like me, who wants some quality, it takes about two years to organise things like the artwork and the design,” he said.

Mr Hevenor’s book, Cats in the City, follows the adventures of a group of cats, but with a hidden message for readers.

“It’s kind of letting kids know that just because they don’t have the same talents as other kids they don’t need to feel threatened,” he said.

“It gives kids the view that they will develop their own talents over time.”

Mr Hevenor said the book was aimed at children from four years up.

The book was created when Mr Hevenor, a safety consultant for the oil industry, sat down one evening while he was working in Alaska with the idea of doing some writing.

“It just came into my head and I sat up all night and wrote it in one go,” he said.

Mr Hevenor said he had just taken delivery of his copies of the book, and was now organising a book signing in Canberra.

He also plans to try to get it on sale in some local bookshops.

And he has tentative plans for another foray into publishing.

“I’ve almost finished another one, but at the moment we’ll see how this one goes,” he said.