Sharks warning sign.
Sharks warning sign. Craig Warhurst

Lifguards reopen beach after shark moves on

UPDATE 11.50AM: Lifeguards have reopened Moore Park Beach after confirming the shark swam out to sea.


MOORE Park Beach has been closed for the second time in two days after a shark was spotted near the beach.

Surf Life Saving Queensland Wide Bay Capricorn co-ordinator Julie Davis said the 1m shark was glimpsed south of the flags just cruising along towards some bait fish.

The beach will be closed for one hour and lifesavers will assess the situation before deciding whether to reopen the beach.

The shark was first spotted yesterday about 4pm when the beach was subsequently closed.

It comes just a few days after a 2m shark was seen at Kellys Beach.

It's a timely reminder to swim between the flags and heed lifesavers' announcements.