Cheers for homebrew from LG?
Cheers for homebrew from LG?

LG unveils homebrew, and new mops if you throw up

LG is determined to wipe out some of the time investment in hobbies and chores, if their line up at CES is anything to go by.

Among their big tech announcements was a benchtop homebrewing machine - a Nespresso for beer.

It eliminates the majority of the home brewing process, limiting it to the press of a few buttons (or a sentence or two of spoken instructions to the inbuilt AI platform).

The company will also launch a series of spin mops for its connected smart vacuums in Harvey Norman for Australian consumers.

They'll allow users to both vacuum and mop their floors simultaneously.

Or if you've really got a smart home, the AI platform will detect that you've taken the vacuum out of its dock and it'll offer to send out a robot vacuum for you instead.

This ease of life is a big sell at CES in Las Vegas this year and the home brew machine even garnered a round of applause during LG's press conference.

But for genuine homebrewers, its likely a waste of smart machine thinking.

Beers are brewed from a set line of pods, made by a UK Brewer, and set in the machine for two weeks to ferment. The machine will even take care of carbonation. And if you don't want to brew again straight away, you can leave the beer chilled in the machine.

LG is aiming the showy device at people who might want to try home brew but can't be bothered with the intensive process.

Unfortunately for the future of smart home devices, plenty of brewers believe the process is most of the fun.

The vacuum-mop combo is a better bet for people who want to save time using AI.

LG confirmed the mop attachment will be available in Australia before the end of summer.