Harry's view on stormy weather and power outages.
Harry's view on stormy weather and power outages.

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: More cars is not the solution



No email address and no sale

Looking at buying online, none of the companies have an email address, they think we are ignorant and unable to correspond; they want us to fill out forms and give our personal information to be spammed.

We all require our privacy particularly women - we do not fill out forms handing out personal information and addresses and we do not allow your cookies into our computer.

We ask the questions not them - they provide satisfactory answers or no sale.

A young lady looking for information on buying a new car, refused to provide her personal information, they lost the sale and possibly many more.

Government departments do not have an easily findable prominent email address, do they think we are to stupid to correspond correctly.

How about they remember they are public servants and stop dictating to us, provide easy to find email addresses as a service.

No easy to find email address and no sale.

G J May, Forestdale


Traffic woes

Promising $1.94 billion for more road infrastructure north of Brisbane, to cater for the heavier traffic and expanding population north of Brisbane, is not the cure for our congestion woes. More cars, hence greater investment in roads, is not the solution.

It is a safety issue, if nothing else speaks loudly.

Historically, rail was the alternate option to travel outside the greater Brisbane metropolitan area. it is both an efficient and logical solution to S.E. Queensland's traffic woes.

However, with population growth outside the metropolitan area, both north, south and west, the limited road infrastructure is grossly inadequate.

Poor public transport connections and availability, have put pressure on the road-networks, built decades ago.

Successive governments have not kept up with progress and residential and commercial expansion.

Queensland's regional areas look to State and Federal Governments to acknowledge the shortfall in fiscal investment in alternative transportation of the public outside the greater Brisbane region.

But only $0.5 million for train alternatives, falls far short and lacks vision of what our regional areas can become, with efficient and alternative solutions to traffic movement by train.

It's an insult to the intelligence of the population which lives by choice in regional areas. Third millennium Queensland needs fast trains to and from Brisbane and a dual train carriage way.

This can't be ignored forever.

Make your vote count this State Election.

Eloise Rowe, Tannum Sands



Harry's view on stormy weather and power outages.
Harry's view on stormy weather and power outages.



LPMC. Day after day Palaszczuk quotes promise after promise with no budget, no money, no costings and a reported $118 billion debt. Qld taxpayers don't like the way you handle our money, it's not yours, it's time for a change on election day.

JACK, NORMAN GARDENS. As I understand it, the ALP Govt has promised six new ambulance stations in Qld, including North Rton, if re-elected. However, the current station at the Yeppoon turn-off will be demolished anyway to make way for the new bypass road. The promised new station will merely replace a superseded facility. So this is an another empty promise.

ANT. Peter Beattie I'm appalled by your comments (TMB 27/10) if NSW is so great do us all a favour and move their permanently. Like Annastacia or not she has done a great job of protecting QLD, so I think a big thank you is warranted not criticism!




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