Harry's view on what lurks below the surface of the Fitzroy River.
Harry's view on what lurks below the surface of the Fitzroy River.

LETTERS TO THE ED: Why does power station need public funds?



Why does the mooted power station need public funds?

WHY IS an injection of public money required for this mooted power station?

I pose it this way.

If there really was money in it, one of the existing private power generating companies in Australia would already be building new coal-fired power stations.

These companies have already carried out their feasibility studies and come down on the side of no.

And a very important point.

It's $3.3million for a study.

At the end of the study, there is only paperwork suggesting a way forward.

Bruce Young, Frenchville


Thanks to Bob Buick

THANK you to letter writers like Bob Buick that has served our country in the Long Tan battle, in Vietnam.

You sir have provided great debates over issues that need to be addressed.

The Qld state election is upon us and you quoted: "The trashing of the concept of democracy by the Queensland government is against my understanding of the national constitution and being an Australian, I wonder how many readers have the same principles?"

I agree with your sentiments wholeheartedly, I too was very disappointed by our leaders and cannot understand to this day why Malcolm Turnball was not expelled from the Liberal party from his obvious disgust from being removed and being replaced with Scott Morrison before the election that could have seen Bill Shorten elected.

Could you imagine where we would be today if Bill Shorten was elected; Electric cars, zero carbon emissions, farmers faced with cows farting taxes, no base load power stations, coal mines closed, jobs going to the south east and everything else?

I sat on the fence for many years and this was the last straw that pushed me over the fence, supporting the LNP on issues of community concern.

Law and order and real industry jobs that will give our youth apprenticeships and trade jobs for generations, not jobs for the south east corner, doing construction jobs is what we need today?

Thank you Bob, keep up the debate, lets get together for a cup of coffee?

Leyland Barnett, North Rockhampton




Harry's view on what lurks below the surface of the Fitzroy River.
Harry's view on what lurks below the surface of the Fitzroy River.




ANON. So the PM is sticking up for his aged care minster... you don't have be a rocket scientist to know privately run aged care are cash cows. We can hold protests for everything else but our golden oldies. So old lives don't matter hey? What a shambles our government is in.

JAN RICHARDS: What about the several correctional officers who flew out of the airport within the last few days? Does that mean everyone who was travelling with them have to isolate as well?

KEVIN A PORTER: Would be really nice if QLD government staff could stop ruining it for the rest of us.

IAN MCCULLY: Good to see the prisoners in lockdown and not running around the streets.