Harry's view on China coal issues.
Harry's view on China coal issues.

LETTERS: Our nation must isolate from any threat



COVID wisdom

Returning ex-pats and international students should display official, documental evidence of being free from COVID-19, before boarding, then alighting in our country.

Already in Victoria's hotel quarantine system, are returning international travellers with COVID.

Do Australians, who have played by the restrictive rules for most of 2020, really need to be exposed to these imminent threats?

Many nations don't seem to consider the risks of policies of freedom of movement, which spread the potential.

Until the vaccine has proven immunity globally, our nation must isolate from any threat.

The lesson of the Ruby Princess disaster, which spread the virus indiscriminately throughout, creating havoc, must not be forgotten.

No-one can 100 per cent ensure that the virus won't be unintentionally imported.

"The powers that be" may be allowing sentiment, not reality, rule their decisions to open internationally.

Eloise Rowe, Tannum Sands



Harry's view on China coal issues.
Harry's view on China coal issues.




ANON. I hope all these coal miners have used their large salaries wisely by paying off their home loans and toys as they might be out of jobs soon. Now that China is stopping coal imports. Last time there was a down turn a lot lost everything. None of the ones I know own their homes. They live the high life with all their "have better than the Jones'". Changing from "keeping up with the Jones'".



Some Queensland workers could be forced to have a COVID-19 vaccine or risk losing their jobs, with major employers not ruling out making the jab compulsory.


Sam Belousoff: This is BS! when the hell are people going to start waking up and stop taking this oppression?!

Janice Dunn: So wrong.

Chris Hooper: If a company makes it compulsory/forces you to take it and you have a reaction/ impairment as a direct result then surely they are legally accountable???

Joyce Ward: Just another nail in the coffin. More of our freedom of choice down the drain. What rights has anybody got to tell me I must have foreign matter.

Greg Saunders: My body is a temple and I will not allow harmful chemicals in to it. Now time to get another beer.

Damien Scott: Like hell. My job is not worth my life or health.

Darren Bailey: Should make a good lawsuit for unfair dismissal.

Lyndel Onions: Hmm I hope they are equally ready for the law suits if there are adverse reactions in 10 years time.

Frank Brosnan: Plenty people already had it and it tested safe, I'll have one.