LETTERS: Politics and cricket the day's big talking points

'Interesting' move

INTERESTING to note that Louise Clegg, wife of Federal Minister Angus Taylor, is standing against Mayor Clover Moore, in the forthcoming Sydney Council election.

Cynics will probably think this is the reason behind Taylor's baseless and untrue attack on Sydney Council air travel costs.


Elliott Heads

Political failings

THE final two sitting weeks for the year in Federal Parliament certainly doesn't make either side of the major parties look good. Quite the opposite!

From my standpoint, schoolyard hooligans describes them accurately.

Elected parliamentarians are generously paid by the taxpayer to make and oversee policy decisions to establish the smooth and safe running our country.

It's this sort of thing that's expected of in any profession and in any job they're employed in.

Today's politicians always like to bang on about accountability, but do you see any real and immediate accountability for the actions of these current high-roller freeloaders who are caricaturing as professional politicians, particularly the senior members of the Coalition and Labor?

And don't get me started on about the dummy spitters - they deserve a big kick up their arses and told to grow up and not to be so sooky.

In my book last week showed what gutsy politicians are made of in Pauline Hanson and Jacquie Lambie.



Bye bye old friend

I FEEL profoundly sad today. A dear friend who has provided joy, drama and excitement passed away over the weekend. His name was cricket.

This special friend provided a moral compass for me and many of my generation as we grew up. If something was not right then "it was not cricket".

Cricket was not only a game but a standard for sportsmanship, honour, integrity, respect for sport and fairness.
There was no ambiguity, no grey areas, and the standards set were of the highest level.

To play cricket at the highest level was a privilege and the expectations placed on those that achieved that lofty level were also high. They were role models.

Of course we have our "God" of Australian cricket, the mighty Don Bradman.

But there have been others who also deserve our respect. Who could forget Tubby Taylor who retired before he passed Bradman's highest score which exemplified the very best of Australian cricket.

This last weekend we saw that score surpassed, not by another cricket great, but by a person who  brought Australian cricket into the deepest depths of disrepute of all global sports. To cheat at cricket is the greatest sin of all.

To add insult to injury he beat Bradman's score by one run. This one run made no difference to the final score as we were ahead by so much. This was all about Warner, not cricket. Warner has displayed no respect for the game, its history or its integrity. To think that he will be spoken about in the same breath as Bradman and Taylor is abhorred to all of those who have held cricket in such high esteem.

Tim Paine should have declared before Warner passed Bradman's score - that is a no-brainer.

I can do nothing about it but to voice my deep sorrow in these few words. My association with men's cricket is over. I shall now follow the game I love by supporting the women's team. I hope the majority of other fans do likewise, perhaps then things might change and old values restored.