LETTERS: YES campaign becoming more militant

YOUR SAY: THE campaign for same sex marriage is now in full swing.

Waiting for the High Court's decision delayed the campaign for both the YES and NO sides of this debate.

It appears that the YES side are becoming very militant in their campaign to persuade people to vote YES and have began indulging in militant tactics.

Whenever there is a meeting scheduled by the NO side to present their case the YES advocates turn up in force and yell, scream and jostle attendees who come to the NOs public meetings.

The YES people don't seem to want free and reasonable debate during this campaign. In many cases security has to be hired to maintain peace at the NO events as well as police in attendance.

The behaviour of the YES campaigners remind me of the crowd who tried to bash down Mr Lot's door way back there in ancient Sodom.

It's time for everyone in this debate to cool it and use peaceful persuasion rather than the tactics of the mob.

JAY NAUSS, Glen Aplin