US President Donald Trump.
US President Donald Trump. Evan Vucci

LETTERS: Donald's come up Trumps

Coming up Trumps

BEFORE Donald Trump was elected US president, I was sceptical.

I was wrong and now I have changed my opinion of him and admire the employment and prosperity changes that he is bringing to the US.

If you are not up-to-date with how America is turning its tables around, much to the disappointment of the Democrats, then may I suggest watching the politically balanced television channel Sky.

Sky has some great current affairs shows, which not like the ABC, enables representatives from all sides of parliament to have their free speech moment. So refreshing!

Back to the Don - America is starting to come together on all demographics, especially the African American front.

How is Trump achieving this?

Well for starters, he is putting America's interest first.

Not the UN, not the Republicians and not his own.

He has made bold decisions including dumping the Paris Accord and getting away from the UN.

He is being a father of a big family and that family is looking to Dad for guidance, leadership and tough love.

Americans, besides the Democrats, are embracing this leader.

Unlike here in Australia, our politicians have been doing everything in reverse.

Covering their own butts firstly, die-in-the ditch party politics second and finally the country - or pretending the country is their priority.

Many Australians, or at least those who have a microphone in their gob, preach a foster parent mentality regarding the rest of the world. Try to parent everybody in the world similarly the way they'd parent their family. Run to help everybody down the street but forget to help those in the household.

I mirror Peter from Apple Tree Creek in his comments regarding China and its emissions.

A further extension to the no-care consequence is India and a few readers are probably jumping up and down about the US. Fair enough!

But until science can stop emission in the matter of 50 years, coal and fossils are what we have to live with today.

The Labor Greens push this barrow of drastic change without acknowledging Australia is the barnacle on the blue whale.

Max and his other green revolutionists paint the bleak future on one-sided science.

All the comments in the Facebook opinion column this week showed a cross section of people don't want immigration dispersal to rural areas, and for all the right reasons.

So, finally no coal, no emissions, no meat, more people either immigrants or more likely refugees if Labor Greens and the UN has its way. This the peril ahead Max!

So PM get Oz out of the Paris accord, the UN, look after your own family firstly, and work towards a Trump model and Australia will follow how the US is prospering.



Opinion spot-on

CONGRATULATIONS Jay Fielding for your editorial piece regarding abortion law reform in the NewsMail on Thursday (11/10).

We have all read various pieces by different authors on this most delicate of subjects with most treading the safe and sure path, according to them, in opposing the abortion law reform.

You Sir, to best of my knowledge, are the first to highlight the fact that the main purpose of the proposed law is in fact to decriminalise abortions.

The real punch of the editorial comes in the final two paragraphs - quote "by voting no, MPs are saying they believe abortion is a crime and should be treated as such.

The final paragraph is the best, quote "it's a health issue and it should always be a decision for a woman and her medical team and no one else”.

I would also like to know on what basis apart from perceived electoral gain do MPs Bennett and Batt claim that their electorates are against the proposed changes of the law?

Did they conduct a poll in their electorates or just responded to a few voices in their offices?

David Batt won't even divulge why against the law until he has his five minutes of fame in addressing Parliament.

It is good to see that there are people like you, putting the real issues into perspective and taking the emotional ones out of play.

As I stated prior, congratulations for an excellent piece that allows readers to see and separate the "wood from the trees”.

Very insightful, thank you.


Burnett Downs

Ice use increasing

THE latest Australian Drug Trends report has just been released and it makes for sobering reading.

Use of the drug ice has increased dramatically compared with last year with over three quarters of participants in the study reporting recent use.

From the same survey, use of ice in Queensland has almost doubled when compared with survey participants in 2010 and has steadily increased over recent years.

Self-reported mental health problems and criminal activity also remained relatively high.

It is clear that more needs to be done to improve treatment services and help those affected break the addiction.

Annastacia Palaszczuk has been aware of these issues since the National Ice Action Strategy was signed in late 2015 and yet Labor have only recently released a new campaign targeting the criminal supply networks.

The response from Labor has been painfully slow.

Labor has promised one additional rehabilitation service at the last state election and that has been delayed.

It's taken eight months to finalise a plan to tackle the supply chain.

If strong and decisive action isn't maintained, we are at risk of losing a generation of Queensland to this terrible drug.


LNP Shadow Minister for Health