Bundaberg Mayor Jack Dempsey.
Bundaberg Mayor Jack Dempsey. Mike Knott BUN200219JACK1

LETTERS: Councillor shares his support for Jack Dempsey

Best of luck

I HAVE been fortunate to be part of a great team since I was elected to Bundaberg Regional Council almost two years ago.

Bundaberg Mayor Jack Dempsey has been an outstanding leader and he has my full continuing support.

One thing I have learnt over many years is that you don't change a winning team or its captain mid game or during the season.

From time to time there will be unforeseen changes required but keeping it together is important.

In this case, the season does not end until  March 28 when the selectors, the residents of the Bundaberg region, will make their call on who will be the next captain and who will make up the team.

There are already retirements and contenders, which means there will be new faces on the council. Winning teams embrace new players.

We have a non-political council and I am not part of any political ticket.

I will be standing for council again as a team player and an independent candidate wanting to give back to a community that has been very good to me and my family.
I wish all contenders all the best.


Bundaberg councillor

Better future ahead

IN REPLY to the letter  Council hypocritical by Bill Loudon (NM, 2/1).

This tirade against the council for allowing midnight fireworks at Bargara was extreme.

If Bill had bothered to visit Mon Repos at midnight on New Year's Eve when the turtles had long since settled, he would have counted zero panicking turtles. Instead he should have shown sympathy for the millions of fauna burning to death in Australia's south-east.

Even during these very sad times, the midnight fireworks is about optimism for a better future.


Burnett Heads

Morrally corrupt

SCOTT Morrison's latest self-promoting advertising gambit demonstrates just how morally corrupt he is.


North Bundaberg

Conserve water

I CONGRATULATE Councillor Helen Blackburn (NM, 28/12)  for her effort to introduce water restrictions.

Given that 2019 was the driest year ever experienced in Queensland's history and that the problem is continuing in to 2020 plus the reality that Australia is on fire, water conservation must be of paramount importance.

The massive amount of water that has been and will be used in fighting the fires is a huge worry.

Such surely must cause water shortages in so many areas throughout the affected areas which will result in problems in so many instances.

Bundaberg's council is extremely fortunate in having ample water but it must most certainly conserve it for the future and use some of the extra water from the restrictions to help other councils with severe water shortages as, for example, Miriam Vale is out of water.

So Councillor Jason Bartels, please use some common sense and compassion.

If water restrictions are not implemented, then the mayor, the CEO and all councillors should act and get the job done.


Burnett Heads