SEAL OF APPROVAL: The Cashless Debit Card gets the thumbs up from one reader.
SEAL OF APPROVAL: The Cashless Debit Card gets the thumbs up from one reader. Amanda Coop

LETTERS: Cashless Debit Card a very good thing

I AND a lot of other people think the Cashless Debit Card is a very good thing.

Instead of Leanne Donaldson protesting about it she should be out having meetings with the unemployed people under 35 years of age and telling them how to present themselves when applying for a job and helping them to fill our their resumes so they can get a job, explaining to them that on getting a job there will be no need for a cashless card.

Leanne, help young people into the workforce, which will be beneficial to the community and everybody else.

H DINGLE, Branyan

QANTAS: Qantas takes off from Bundaberg Regional Airport.
Photo: Max Fleet / NewsMail
UP IN THE AIR: Qantas cancelled one reader's flight in December. Max Fleet BUN080214ATH7

REFERRING to the story about Qantas cancellations, Early bird fears for future of morning flights (NM, 03/10).

I was just advised by American Express Travel that my flight on December 13 (QF2327, 12.35pm) had been cancelled and I was now on a flight leaving two hours later (QF2329, 2.45pm).

Obviously the 10.45am flight from Brisbane was also cancelled.

This change wrecked a medical appointment which cannot be rescheduled for later in the day.

Luckily Amex Travel was able to rebook me on the 9.45am flight at no extra charge, which is a great result.

I hope that Virgin is able to counter what appears to be the slow demise of Qantaslink by adding another daily flight.

The Alliance jet is far more comfortable and enjoyable anyway.

R HARRIS, Bundaberg West

The Freemasons Lodge in Bourboung Street
BEHIND CLOSED DOORS: The Freemasons Lodge in Bourbong St was open to the public during the Open House event. Mike Knott BUN290917MASON3


ON BEHALF of the Freemasons and Order of the Eastern Star Bundaberg, may I thank the residents who paid a visit to our Lodge premises and enjoyed our hospitality during the Open House event.

May I also thank Renee and Cavannah from Bundaberg Regional Council for donating their time to ensure this day was successful, and to Mikalya Haupt and Mike Knott for your professional journalism in the reporting of this event.



RECENTLY Mayor Jack Dempsey boasted a minimal rate increase. It appears that there is no valuation amount included to validate his percentage.

My rate increase on a valuation of $125,000 is 4.1%, inclusive of the general rate and other charges but excluding water usage and levy.

With the levy included my rate increase is 7.2%.

The levy, as recorded in minutes of August 2017, was voted in by 10 councillors.

An enormous range of topics for expenditure were given as justification.

A levy should only be used to finance an unforeseen event and perhaps avoid emergency consequences.

This council levy is suspect because it appears to be a deception, it does not give transparency, it imposes an increase to ratepayers and allows the fiction that the rates increase is minimal.

Further the levy is likely to stay and then transform to a permanent increase.

Ratepayers need to question this levy and the passive councillors who voted for it.

R DEASY, Svensson Heights


RECENTLY I accompanied an elderly friend to the Emergency Department at Bundaberg Hospital.

We arrived around 5pm and left seven hours later without being seen.

My friend could not sit there any longer as he became very tired.

We reported to the reception that we were leaving and the reason.

RAY SONTER, Millbank


WITH a background in very outdated economics, I'm always astounded to hear Labor attack the LNP about asset sales.

The LNP actually never sold any assets.

It was the ALP that sold assets - for example, Beattie and Bligh sold off parts of QR, various motorways, the Port of Brisbane and half commercialised Sunwater.

They are also selling off our so called renewable farms as well by giving generous government subsidies of a Wind Farm to a Thai based company, who has a dubious company record. But the ETU and Ergon won't mind because they will profit out of the deal at the expense of our economy.

In Victoria, the very first thing Premier Daniel Andrews did was sell the Port of Melbourne.

In SA where the economy is a basket case due to its reliance on a 50% RET energy policy, the Labor government unfortunately doesn't have anything left to sell.

At least the LNP leases assets and doesn't sell them like the ALP.

The Labor Party has only been in it for the unions to profit and not one of them have any world experience about what businesses require.