PM Scott Morrison.
PM Scott Morrison.

LETTERS: Army needs to be prepared in case of fires

No comparison

IN REPLY to Changing Times by C. Brown (NM, 26/12).

This lengthy letter compares the media reaction to our PM holidaying while Australia burns to Gough Whiltlam holidaying before Cyclone Tracy hit Darwin.

While the two incidents cannot be compared on many levels, the PM' s reaction can.

Morrison talks compensation but leaves the fight to volunteers and Whiltlam immediately mobilised our armed forces.

Every year this government says the military will take several months to adapt to fighting fires making them always late. Not good enough.

In any war fought on Australian soil the enemy will use bush fires as a weapon.


Burnett Heads

Council hypocritical

THE Bundaberg coastline hosts the largest concentration of nesting marine turtles on the east coast of Australia and is home to 50 per cent of endangered loggerhead turtle breeding activity in the South Pacific Ocean.

Unlike Malakai Koloi in his letter Turtle exposure (NM, 1/1), I don't claim to have much, if any, understanding or authority on the habits of turtles, that, I confidently leave to the experts such as Dr Col Limpus and his Mon Repos colleagues who are without doubt compassionately literate on the subject.

Therefore it would be interesting to hear their views on Bundaberg Regional Council's ludicrous arrangement of the issuing a permit to allow such a massive fireworks display on the beachfront at Bargara on New Year's Eve.

In my opinion if there ever was a personification of stone-faced hypocrisy, without a doubt it is from the current Mayor and his bevy of other councillors

In the self-edited May 29, 2019, edition of their Bundaberg Now propaganda twaddle, they give themselves kudos by having the gall to arrogantly and phonily headline an article by the claim that Bundaberg region "leads" Australia in turtle protection.

If the above was so then by no means a permit for such a monster display of fireworks should ever had been issued.
BRC has a huge list of advice and tips to businesses and residents on reducing light emissions, particularly during turtle nesting and hatching seasons.

Ratepayers even fork out thousands of dollars for turtle friendly street lights yet they blatantly disregarded this.

Please allow me to emphasise again - hypocrisy, bloody hypocrisy from an irresponsible council.



Hope for new year

FOLLOWING more than a decade of political infighting, inertia, needless austerity and blatant greed, one would hope that the new decade heralds a new political perspective, reverting to the basic democratic processes of government that by definition is "a social condition of classlessness and equality", where the national wealth is shared equally with all the citizens.

Happy new year to all who benefit from true democracy and may the nay-sayers be forever cursed.


Elliott Heads

Centenary event

FROM April 25-27, the Boyne Valley Historical Society Inc. will be celebrating the Centenary of the Ubobo Soldier Settlement and birth of Ubobo. We invite all descendants and family members of these settlers, and interested others, to make contact with the Boyne Valley Historical Society at


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