Harry's view on stranded Aussie travellers.
Harry's view on stranded Aussie travellers.

LETTERS: All pigs are created equal, but some are more equal



Orwellian Societies

There are COVID-19 rules and restrictions and there are exceptions: rules for all Queenslanders, with exceptions for wealthy non-Queenslanders, to enhance the economy, returning ex-pats and celebrities "good for tourism".

Who is kidding who?

In the third millennium, we seem to be in an Orwellian phase, where equity and social justice are only for the elite.

George Orwell's "Animal Farm", based on a socialistic society, declares: "All pigs are created equal, but some are more equal than others".

This is exacerbated by our 2020 journey with COVID-19, distancing each from the other, as a precaution, but not always a workable reality.

Pay a fine, isolate for two weeks and you're in, especially the rich and famous!

The privileged who pay their way in, fined and socially-isolated for 14 days, are free to holiday here, despite entering by "creative" means on false pretenses, succeed in beating the system.

The system is in place for "less-significant others" regardless of personal circumstances, who must abide by border restrictions, with no mercy; no exceptions, by law.

Our Premier is adamant on closing Queensland up, despite those protesting bias.

It is applicable to the madding crowd, growing more and more frustrated.

As we witness globally, nations are divided into the haves and have-nots.

In 2020, "democracy" is about control over the economy and power, for the privileged.

Eloise Rowe, Tannum Sands

National Stroke Week success

The year 2020 has put health at the forefront for obvious reasons. The impact of COVID-19 has changed the way we live, work and play, but also the way we value our health and that of our loved ones.

With this in mind, I was incredibly encouraged by the response and support we received across the country to National Stroke Week (August 31 - September 6).

National Stroke Week is the Stroke Foundation's key stroke awareness campaign, and stroke remains a major health challenge in this country.

While face to face events during National Stroke Week were incredibly limited and held only in those states with no COVID-19 cases, social media became a force for raising awareness and educating the community about F.A.S.T. - the most common signs of stroke (Face.Arms.Speech.Time).

I want to thank the thousands of Australians who shared the F.A.S.T. message through their social media channels, in their community or via the media.

As a result of your efforts, I am confident more Australians than ever now know how to recognise a stroke and understand they must call triple zero (000) at the first sign.

Thanks to you, we now have more "F.A.S.T. Heroes" at the ready and this will save lives and prevent lifelong disability due to stroke.

Using the F.A.S.T test involves asking yourself these simple questions:

•Face Check their face. Has their mouth drooped?

•Arms: Can they lift both arms?

•Speech: Is their speech slurred? Do they understand you?

•Time is critical. If you see any of these signs call triple zero (000) straight away

Stroke strikes the brain, the human control centre.

Stroke is always a medical emergency, but the faster it is treated, the better the chance of survival and a good outcome.

Of course, not all strokes display the F.A.S.T. signs, but more than 80 percent do.

This is why I urge the community to commit the F.A.S.T. message to memory and continue to share it with friends, family and colleagues all year round.

Stroke does not stop for a pandemic.

If you suspect a stroke, do not delay calling triple zero (000).

Always remember, time saved equals brain saved.

You could be our next FAST hero.

Sharon McGowan, Stroke Foundation CEO




Harry's view on stranded Aussie travellers.
Harry's view on stranded Aussie travellers.





SPORTS FAN. Can someone please explain how the government can give Rocky Sports Club $23 million, and not one construction plan has been approved or submitted to government or council as stated in the paper. This is political madness, while I'm happy Rockhampton is finally getting some of the pie, this seems very odd funding has been supplied with out the project being shovel ready.



The border between Queensland and NSW could be open sooner than expected, with plans to slash a key requirement to reopen.


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Susan Iles: Noooo keep it shut...

CHRIS TOPHER: Some restrictions need to be put in place but I think it should be opened.

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RYAN JACOBSON: Just asking for trouble.

JAZ MCKEE: Keep it shut!

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