LETTER: 'Tradition no excuse for cane burning'

(RE) THE full front page concerning the drought and starving cattle, haven't our cane farmers still burning the cane got any conscience?

They are depriving their brothers on the land the food for their starving beef industry.

Oh yes they will say it is traditional to burn, and that it kills the vermin.

In answer to tradition, where are the cane knives, horses, open-aired tractors?

The vermin killing, unless you burn in a square fire brake, they flee to the nearest residence - one of them being my property (feed our starving cattle properties) and stop the black rain that inundates the town, stains my clothes on the line, and chases the southern tourists away every winter.

Is it no wonder they say Bundy is a back-water.

This is the 20th century? Time to wake up to it.


What's your opinion on burning cane?

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It's tradition and I look forward to it each year


I think it's outdated and pollutes our region


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