NEW BRIDGE: Securing the Tobruk for Wide Bay gives more reason for a bridge over the Burrum River.
NEW BRIDGE: Securing the Tobruk for Wide Bay gives more reason for a bridge over the Burrum River.

LETTER: Tobruk gives us more reason to build a bridge over the Burrum River

Bridge now needed

CONGRATULATIONS to all parties who were responsible for securing the Tobruk wreck diving site for Wide Bay.

I understand it is to be located off Burrum Heads.

The job is only half done however.

What is needed to optimise the potential of the dive site for Wide Bay is coastal connectivity between Bundaberg and Hervey Bay.

I originally proposed the concept of a bridge over the Burrum River at Buxton nearly 10 years ago.

I wrote to Warren Truss in August 2010 outlining the benefits to the Wide Bay region and requested $100,000 for a preliminary feasibilty study.

Amazingly shortly after, Paul Neville had the same brilliant idea to do this if he was re-elected.

It never happened.

So much for politicians.

The trouble with politicians is that when all is said and done, more will be said than done.

The same is true at all three levels of Government.

Wide Bay is crying out for infrastructure projects but typically a fantastic opportunity like the Tobruk dive site will be compromised by lack of direct accessibility from at least half of the potential Wide Bay catchment as patrons have to drive 100km around the Bruce Highway to get to Burrum Heads from Bundaberg.

Every person I have lobbied over the years has agreed that a coastal connection road between Hervey Bay and Bundaberg from Goodwood to the Pialba Rd, crossing the Burrum River at Buxton, is needed, necessary and overdue.

The Tobruk project typifies the tourist potential to be gained by having a connected and united Wide Bay visitor experience.

Wouldn't it be nice to actually see a major infrastructure project for Wide Bay that provides the missing link to perhaps the most varied coastal drive experience in Australia from Rainbow Beach to Agnes Water (coloured sands, dolphins, turtles, Fraser Island, Lady Musgrave Is and so on and on.)

And wait there is more.

Imagine the benefits to business, tourism and convenience afforded by such a link.

And perhaps if we had the potential of a larger population catchment, we might even get a plane to travel from here to North Qld.

So it is now up to the politicians to actually do something rather than just talk about it or blame others for not being able to do it.

To stand up you need a backbone. Let's see who stands up first.

How about some "jobs, jobs, jobs" for Wide Bay, Anna?



Mine danger

WHILE there are a range of views on the Adani Carmichael coal mine, there is broad agreement that regional Queensland needs sustainable, long-term jobs.

The Federal Government is considering putting $1 billion of taxpayer money into a railway line to link Adani coal mine to Abbot Point, yet Adani has said it doesn't even need it.

Investing $1 billion in solar energy projects in Australia instead would create about 3000 jobs, according Tim Buckley, of the Institute of Energy Economics and Financial Analysis.

The State Government's renewable energy expert panel estimated up to 6700 jobs will be created by achieving the state's renewable energy target - and most of these would be in regional Queensland.

The polluting mine would require construction of one of the biggest coal ports in the world within the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area.

It would export millions of tonnes of coal through the Reef, dramatically increasing shipping rates, and adding to global carbon pollution, which fuels coral bleaching.

The Great Barrier Reef supports 70 000 jobs in the tourism industry people and generates $6 billion annually.

By investing the $1 billion in renewable energy and meeting the state's target of renewable energy, we could create thousands more jobs than Adani, reduce carbon pollution and protect the Reef and the 70,000 tourism jobs it supports.


Australian Marine Conservation Society

Why Christmas?

BECAUSE we can't help liking, honouring and admiring this unique person, Jesus Christ.

He was the ultimate one-off.

Above all, see how he totally refused to compromise.

When his challenging message was leading inevitably to his own painful death, he made his message even more challenging, more confronting.

There was no mistaking it:

"Love your enemies!”

Pray to God, saying:

"Forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us!”

Yes, the Christian church is faulty - tragically unworthy of him who founded it....

Yet it's in the church that we can hear his gospel read and preached.

In the church we can meet together with others who at least have a go at living Christ's way.

Jesus Christ, born so long ago, can make you and me better.

He offers a motive for our children to grow into people who are better.

That's why Christmas is important.


Nichols Point

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