A letter writer says rates are not value for money.
A letter writer says rates are not value for money. Mike Knott BUN020419BRC1

LETTER: Little value for $4000 rates bill

WHAT is the name of the book our Mayor Jack Demsey get his fairy stories from?

In his preamble letter attached to our rate notices, he, in the third paragraph, makes the statement that he and other councillors worked very hard to neutralise and prevent any rate increase in this year's budget.

Once again we have heard how hard it is as we are experiencing the effects of Covid-19 that of course should include our total lack of personal funds.

This hardness has not stopped or reduced, amongst other allocations, the $83 million capital works program, even though we are all struggling financially.

To start with the valuer general's rate-able estimate has increased the properties' value considerably and our rates are calculated using these values. 

The waste collection charge has increased, but by far the largest increase has been the exclusion of the 8.6 per cent early payment bonus which in my case has cost me $165.

This loss is joined by the community and environmental charge that adds an unexplained $50 bonus to the council.

Outside of the fact that for nearly $4000 per year, all I receive from this council is my garbage removal and four tip vouchers as water and sewerage are site obtained.

Pretty lean value that.

I believe that I am entitled to, no, owed an apology from our mayor and my invisible local councillor.




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