Legislation to get rid of unused legislation

THE Abbott government's second "repeal day", promoted as reducing red tape costs by $2 billion, will largely get rid of legislation that haven't been used in years.

An "omnibus" bill introduced to parliament on Wednesday will get rid of obsolete programs, legislation and advisory bodies.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott told parliament the previous red tape repeal day had reduced annual costs by more than $2 billion.

But his parliamentary secretary overseeing the changes, Josh Frydenberg, could not answer how the figure was reached when asked on ABC TV on Wednesday.

The reforms will also change or remove requirements to consult on Australian Communications and Media Authority decisions and abolish several bodies.

Among the bodies to go were the oil product stewardship advisory group and similar organisations, with the roles to be subsumed by the Department of Environment.

Mr Abbott said the repeal bills would scrap almost 1000 acts and regulations.