Phil Gould alongside Panthers coach Anthony Griffin.
Phil Gould alongside Panthers coach Anthony Griffin.

Gus power play shows he ‘doesn’t have faith’ in Griffin

PENRITH players have confirmed Phil Gould's more hands-on approach this season and former NSW coach Laurie Daley believes it's a sign of real troubles at the club.

Speaking on the Big Sports Breakfast this morning, Canberra legend Daley expressed sympathy for the current plight of Panthers coach Anthony Griffin.

"I think all's not well out there at Penrith ... There has to be (something going on),' Daley said.


"When he (Gould) is involved like that, it dilutes the power of the coach.

"The fact is that Gus appointed Anthony Griffin and if Gus is now stepping in doing a bit more coaching that suggests he doesn't have the confidence, the faith in Anthony Griffin."

Matt Moylan fell out with the Panthers last year.
Matt Moylan fell out with the Panthers last year.

Daley's take followed a The Daily Telegraph report Gould gave the playing group a 30-minute spray after their dismal trial loss to a second-string Bulldogs side on the weekend.

However Gould denied a separate report that he had also given Griffin a bake at half-time.

"I won't waste my breath on such rubbish. It didn't happen,'' Gould told the Telegraph.

The disappointing trial came at the end of a tumultuous off-season for Penrith, with speculation of a dressing room split fuelled by the departures of contracted stars Matt Moylan and Bryce Cartwright.



Captain Peter Wallace admitted to Fox Sports that both players would be difficult to replace for different reasons but said he was confident in the depth of talent coming through..

"Especially Carty, he's a unique player, he can do a lot of things with the ball that not many other people could, so I don't think you replace Carty, but we've got a lot of depth in the back row for blokes to come in and a lot of young blokes with a lot of potential as well," Wallace said.

"Someone will step into his spot I'm sure, and the same with Moyser, he's a bit of a freak with the ball as well but I'm sure someone will step in there."

The Bulldogs celebrate a try in their trial win over Penrith.
The Bulldogs celebrate a try in their trial win over Penrith.

The Panthers have traditionally been at their most successful when the foundation of their roster was built on their local juniors.

Gould has worked hard to restore that at the foot of the mountains, which has been somewhat eroded by the summer departures - with both Moylan and Cartwright coming through Penrith's junior system.

Wallace is also a local junior and said that philosophy was still dear to the club.

"It's never nice losing a local junior but we've got a lot more local juniors coming through as well, so it's sad but that's the nature of the beast, isn't it," Wallace said.

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