Labor candidate pens letter about Paradise Dam works



AS I talk to residents right across Bundaberg, they recall family, neighbours and friends having to be airlifted to safety during the 2013 floods.

Sadly, if the 2013 floods were to be repeated, there is a risk that Paradise Dam could fail and even more of us, and our homes and families, would be at risk.

From the reports that I have seen in our local media, the Commission's report confirms structural and stability issues with Paradise Dam.

And for that reason, Sunwater just needs to get on with the job of making the dam safe as soon as possible. I want my friends, my neighbours and our city to be safe.

Natural Resources Minister Anthony Lynham has assured me he is also doing everything in his power to reduce the impact on irrigators.

I am not a farmer, but I recognise their challenges faced and that they are concerned about access to water in the future.

But again, Dr Lynham has also told me that the government has committed to preserving the yield from Paradise Dam, as demand for it exists.

This is not an ideal situation to be in, but I am confident that Sunwater and the Palaszczuk Government are doing the right thing by our city and our farmers.

- Tom Smith, Labor candidate for Bundaberg