SEEING SUCCESS: Tegan and Ryan Weekes with Tellie the Kombi Keg.
SEEING SUCCESS: Tegan and Ryan Weekes with Tellie the Kombi Keg.

Kombi Keg goes for round two

WHEN Tegan and Ryan Weekes started their Kombie Keg side business two years ago they didn't expect to be booked out months in advance in such a short period of time.

Mrs Weekes said they were initially quite overwhelmed with the support which had turned into a steady trickle of business ever since.

"Over the last few months we have started booking a lot of gigs for the back end of the year,” Mrs Weekes said.

"Through to September we are booked back-to-back on Saturday night, and have even secured some events years in advance.

"We've also just taken our first booking for Christmas which is always a busy period for us.”

The Kombi Keg named Tellie, that features 6 taps and a 55inch TV, celebrated her second birthday in Bundaberg on June 3 and has a special offer for bookings made in June.

"We have quite a versatile set up that is suitable for a range of different events,” Mrs Weekes said. "We have the usual engagement parties, weddings and birthdays, but we also book gigs, race events, festivals and have even got a kids party coming up.

"The van can put through anything that comes in a keg, so non-alcoholic beverages can be connected to the tap, and for the kids party they'll be using the TV for a movie night.”

The business has established connections with the East End Hotel, Kalkie Moon and Ohana Winery, and will be exploring new beverage options into the future.

"We recently had our van at the Noosa Food and Wine Festival and between our van and another one they put though 61 kegs of Pimms,” she said.

"We also know of a company that has released espresso martinis on tap, but different gas lines are required for that so that's another potential project.

"There's also another Kombie Keg down south that attends their local market every Sunday and serves kombucha.

"We've noticed a bit of a shift with Bundaberg locals looking at healthier alternatives so that's certainly something of interest to us, it's just a matter of finding the time within our own lives and full-time jobs.”

You can see the Kombi Keg at OceanFest on August 25 or at the Lighthouse Festival on October 27.