Kim Kardashian roasted over microwave M&M ‘hack’. Picture: Instagram / Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian roasted over microwave M&M ‘hack’. Picture: Instagram / Kim Kardashian

Kim K roasted over ‘strange' habit

KIM Kardashian has a lot of credentials to her name - reality star, aspiring lawyer, entrepreneur and, now, "M&Ms queen".

The 39-year-old surprised fans when she took to Twitter to reveal the perks of microwaving M&Ms, declaring the trick will "change your life".

She had spontaneously served up the advice for a Twitter follower who shared an image of the colourful chocolates.

"Put them on a plate then in the microwave for 30 seconds and it will change your life! Melted on the inside and crunch on the outside," Kim wrote.




Since sharing her expertise on Sunday, Kim's post has received more than 215,000 likes, nearly 20,000 retweets and thousands of comments.

It didn't end there - Kim was adamant her microwave trick worked and kept the conversation going when another user tagged the mother-of-four, saying he is going to give it a go, hoping her advice is "worth it".

"Trust me it is worth it!! Please tell me if you like it," she responded immediately while sharing the post alongside another fan's who declared her "the queen of M&Ms".







Kim's response surprised fans: "Imagine posting m&ms just to unexpectedly get a reply from kim k," one Twitter user wrote.

It sparked an M&M frenzy, with others poking fun at the reality star's rather random advice.

"Kimberly its been 17 hrs and you're still talking about melted m&ms," one fan said.

"Yum! They must be low in calories if you eat them … probably hard to eat just a couple at a time though?" another asked.





Not giving up, Kim further backed her advice by going as far as sharing a tutorial video about what perfectly warmed M&Ms should look like.

"I love it when they crack. They're just warm and gushy on the inside, if you put them in the microwave for 30 seconds. The goal is to be warm and melty on the inside, ooh, but crunchy on the outside," Kim said as she slowly munched on them in the background. "This is my secret of life, you guys."



She's not the only Kardashian telling us how to eat chocolate - even a health-focused Kourtney previously made headlines for an unusual six-step method of eating Kit Kats, while Khloe once showed off her "crazy" method of stacking cookies in glass jars on her now-defunct app.