MAJOR DUST-UP: Will and Macie McNulty are determined to help their drought-stricken neighbours.
MAJOR DUST-UP: Will and Macie McNulty are determined to help their drought-stricken neighbours.

Kids’ ingenious DUSTillery brewery idea earns wide praise

IN DROUGHT, there's no shortage of innovative marketing, but it would be hard to beat this latest brewery with a twist.

Created from the minds of Yelaborn kids, Macie (Mooch) and Will (Wombat) McNulty, Mooch + Wombat DUSTillery bottles up "Once in a lifetime millennial drought bulldust - SuperDry", all for a good cause.

The bottles of dust originally started as a joke and a way to cope with the toll of drought on their family's property, but after an overwhelming response it soon became a means to share the love with other rural kids this Christmas.

Donating all the profits of their business to BUSHkids for Christmas presents, mum Hannah McNulty said she was stunned by the support the project had received.

"We really didn't think they were going to sell more than three," Mrs McNulty said.

"I think I just said you should sell them to your grandparents for something a bit funny and it just exploded from there."

Having raised more than $4000 since it started last Saturday, Mrs McNulty had orders coming in from all sides of Australia.

"We've heard from people in Darwin and Tasmania, and people have even sent the kids Christmas cards from America," she said.

"It's just absolutely incredible the things people have done.

"There's a lot of talk about the bridge between city and country but it goes to show everyone does want to help."

While Mrs McNulty was clear she didn't want her kids to be doing it for attention, the worldwide praise had made her very proud nonetheless.

"I've been like a whole ball of emotions," she said, tearing up.

"I always say to my kids the most important thing is to make sure you're always kind."

The McNultys themselves had been unable to plant crops for two years due to drought.

"It's like living on Mars. There's just relentless dust storms and we're all waiting for the next day, just waiting for the next bit of rain," she said.

Still, Mrs McNulty was adamant there were worse stories out there, which was why Macie and Will had created DUSTillery.

"I think everyone needs to appreciate bush kids are incredibly resilient and kind and understanding kids," she said.

"Our boy asked Santa for water this Christmas. They know things are tough and are very much the kinds of kids who say don't worry about buying me something this year.

"But bush kids deserve to be spoiled as well. They need to be reminded they're kids and deserve a bit of magic this Christmas."

To donate or nominate a child in need, contact Mrs McNulty on hannah.m.