OPENING DAY: Sue-Ellen Walden was the first customer at KFC on Bargara Road.
OPENING DAY: Sue-Ellen Walden was the first customer at KFC on Bargara Road. Mike Knott BUN240719KFC1

72 jobs and counting as third KFC opens in Bundaberg

THE fryers are on, the doors are open and the nuggets are flying out the door with KFC now open in East Bundaberg.

The new store is Bundaberg's third with one on Bourbong St and in the Hinkler Central shopping centre.

Sue-Ellen Waldon was the first customer to place her order at the new store, taking time off work to make sure she was first in line.

At 10am she ordered a hot and spicy two-piece feed with gravy and extra seasoning on her chips with a lemon Solo for the drink.

"I've always been a KFC fan since it was Kentucky Fried Chicken and I live on this side of town so I was super excited," she said.

"I'm really looking forward to seeing what the drive-thru service is like and just comparing it to the other one, seeing if the waiting time is different."

She said having the new store off the road will be safer for customers.

"It'll be good because there are times where you get there (to the other store) and the line is on the road and you think 'man, how much do I really want KFC?'," she said.

The store's manager Lorinda Medill said the new fast-food restaurant has hired 72 staff who were all trained at the store on Bourbong St before opening day.

"Nearly all of our staff are new and there are a couple of transfers... once things settle down a bit we'll look at hiring more," she said.

"It's going to be good to have the second store to balance out the amount of customers coming through."

With the new store opening and the possibility of Taco Bell on the way, Ms Medill said it was great to see the fast food industry booming in Bundaberg.

"They provide a lot of jobs in the community and everybody loves fast food," she said.

"I think people love the quality of KFC, it's good food and it's real food, it's cooked up fresh and breaded in store and it's not processed."

Area coach at Collins Foods Darrin Dee said they were excited to bring another store to Bundaberg.

"With the fresh, crispy chicken of the Colonel in popular demand among Bundaberg locals and visitors, we're excited to be bringing another restaurant to town," he said.

"As a growing and bustling community, being in Bundaberg is an opportunity to welcome enthusiastic locals into the team so there'll be lots of friendly faces to greet customers.

"Putting our people first we're proud to be a place for team members to feel cared for and grow their confidence in a supportive environment which often feels more like a family. With 69 new people joining the team we're looking forward to seeing the team thrive in our four walls and beyond."