Photograph of a QPS vehicle.
Photograph of a QPS vehicle.

KEY FACTOR: Three suburbs targeted in spate of car thefts

Bundaberg Police's Senior Constable Brittany Duncan is urging the community to take simple steps to protect their vehicles from opportunistic thieves.

She said throughout the past fortnight, a large number of vehicles were stolen or attempted to have be stolen at Moore Park Beach, Innes Park and Alloway suburbs.

"Unfortunately, most of these vehicles were left unlocked with the keys inside," she said.

"Cars get stolen, we all know that.

"What we don't all realise though, is that half of the time, cars are stolen by opportunistic thieves who have been able to get their hands on the keys."

Sen Const Duncan said in Queensland, one in two cars are stolen using the car's keys.

"Those stealing these keys and cars aren't necessarily going to great lengths to do so though, which tells us that thieves will take any easy opportunity to steal cars," she said.

"Let's do what we can to reduce their ability by protecting not only our cars, but our keys as well."

Consider these tips when it comes to securing your car:

• Lock your vehicle and fully close all windows

• Keep your keys out of sight and never leave vehicle keys on tables, benches or key hooks

• Remove keys from the ignition and lock your vehicle, even if it's only unattended for a minute

• Never hide spare keys on or in the vehicle as thieves know where to look.

She said no matter who's home or what time of the day it is, it is important to continue these security measures when it comes to your keys.

"Opportunistic thieves will take any opportunity to steal cars, particularly if they are left inside a unlocked vehicle," Sen Const Duncan said.

Tomorrow, Bundaberg Police and volunteers will be conducting a postcard drop on vehicles at Hinkler Central promoting the message don't gift your keys to thieves.




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