FORMER Prime Minister Kevin Rudd says he is suing the ABC over claims he ignored safety warnings over the botched home insulation scheme.

Mr Rudd denied there were any safety warnings.

The former PM pointed to the royal commission's finding that "there was no warning given of the very many problems with the program", Fairfax reported.

He also said the "critical risks" referred to were financial and administrative - not linked to safety.

The claims were made after the ABC obtained thousands of top secret and classified Cabinet files.

The ABC reports today that ASIO officers have move to secure the files in early morning operations in Canberra and Brisbane.

Yesterday, ABC reported Mr Rudd was warned of "critical risks" in the home insulation scheme introduced by his government.

Four insulation installers, including one from Rockhampton, died during the scheme's rollout.

But Mr Rudd said any allegation he ignored safety was a lie.

The former prime minister said the cabinet document reported by the ABC was considered by the Royal Commission into the Home Insulation Scheme ordered by the Abbott government in 2014, which made no findings against him.

Mr Rudd said he told this to the ABC before it published and that he had begun legal proceedings.