Kelsy Karter with her ‘tattoo’
Kelsy Karter with her ‘tattoo’

‘Kelsy isn’t a psycho stalking Harry Styles’

THE mum of the Gold Coast singer who admitting faking a tattoo of Harry Styles on her face for attention is proud of her daughter's efforts.

Kelsy Karter, 26, revealed yesterday her Styles "tattoo" which sparked international attention was just a publicity stunt for her new song "Harry", posting online that she "rocked the entire world for $300".


Her mother Susan Sheehan, a Labrador business coach, told the Bulletin her daughter was "a success story".

"I'm so proud of her, she has worked very hard," she said.

Kelsy Karter being ‘tattooed.’
Kelsy Karter being ‘tattooed.’

Ms Sheehan said she wasn't surprised when her daughter got the Styles "tattoo".

"She is a creative who thinks outside the box, she has an exceptional mind," she said.

She had only "an inkling" that Kelsy's tattoo was a fake.

"I am glad the tattoo isn't real, but I understand it was a part of her brand. I have never ever not supported her dreams."

In response to backlash her daughter received, Ms Sheehan said: "Kelsy isn't a psycho stalking Harry, she is an amazing girl who loves Harry.

"She is a role model and inspiration for young people, her fans even come to her with problems."

The former Merrimac High student is now LA-based, hoping to start touring with "a prominent English band" soon.