An artist’s impression of the Sekisui development.
An artist’s impression of the Sekisui development.

LETTER: Keeping Yaroomba four storeys, not tall stories

SINCE the resolution of council not to proceed with re-writing the town plan to accommodate the Sekisui, Yaroomba proposal, we've heard from Evan Aldridge "missed opportunity", Michael Shadforth "urban sprawl, creating a scar, with smaller housing" and Mark Jamieson "we need a five-star resort, I encourage Sekisui to engage with the community to negotiate an outcome".

The reality is that Sekisui can and does build four-storey, five-star hotel/unit developments in Japan - look at their 2014 development in Kyoto.

Another reality is, the Yaroomba site already has generous development concessions, why not use them? And no, Michael Shadforth, that will not result in urban sprawl akin to the western suburbs of Melbourne.

Des Deighton might want to consider, if Sekisui develops the site in accordance with the current town planning opportunities, roughly the same number of jobs will be generated.

Bill Hoffman's article "Opinion: Sekisui legacy leaves the town plan looking shaky" is right on the money.

My signs are remaining up - "four-storeys not tall stories".