Creating essential shade in and around the home.
Creating essential shade in and around the home. iStock

Keep your cool this summer

This summer is predicted to be a scorcher so it's a good idea to prepare your home now to ensure you don't lose your cool in the peak of summer. Thankfully there is now an ever-widening range of stylish solutions that can really help you keep the temperature down in all areas of your home, including your garden.

Overhead fans are one of the most economical and effective ways to cool down a living space or bedroom, especially if there is little cross ventilation or few windows. There are also new-generation pedestal and desk fans that not only technically out-perform their predecessors; they can also be very attractive. Being fans they are also going to be more mobile, more convenient and will chew up a lot less power than air-conditioning.

If particular rooms in your home get a lot of unwelcome sun, consider putting canopies, awnings or some other type of appropriate shading over the windows. Canopies and window screens are now available in high-performing long-lasting materials that are extremely effective.

If you have a lot of areas around your garden or pool that are not sufficiently shaded, you can plant established trees to create attractive and natural shade. Alternatively use large stylish, summer umbrellas or any of the latest shading solutions available, including temporary gazebos.