MOVIE NIGHT: Debra Phillips is encouraging everyone to come to a movie night held by Carinbundi.
MOVIE NIGHT: Debra Phillips is encouraging everyone to come to a movie night held by Carinbundi.

Justify your next movie night by supporting Carinbundi

GRAB your popcorn and movie tickets to see Peanut Butter Falcon where you won’t only support a good cause, but also learn about one.

After Carinbundi Foundation co-ordinator Debra Phillips saw the movie she said she knew she wanted to share it with Bundaberg.

“A lot of people with very high needs end up in aged care facilities,” Ms Phillips said.

“In this particular movie, it is about a young man with Down syndrome put in an aged care facility. He hates it in there where everyone’s old and watching television and he’s 22.

“So he escapes to have an adventure and meets up with a guy that’s on the run and they become great friends.”

Ms Phillips highlighted how the message in the film was true to what she observed on a daily basis.

“People assume people with disabilities aren’t capable, but they really and truly are,” she said.

“They know what they want, they know how to make a decision and they essentially just want to live their lives.”

Ms Phillips said when people with Down syndrome don’t get the opportunity to live on their own they miss out on socialising with roommates and learning housekeeping.

“Here in Bundaberg we have got quite a lot of people living in their late 40s, 50s and 60s with an intellectual disability, physically they are fine, but they are living at home with their parents,” she said.

“But their parents aren’t going to be around forever so where do they go to live?”

Ms Phillips said that is where the foundation side of Carinbundi came from, to fill that gap.

“So that is what we do, we have bought land and are building houses they can stay in for life, rather than renting and having to move when the owners sell it.”

“Which is important because often they don’t like change.

“They then get to live with a circle of friends, socialise, and have the help of support workers everyday.”

The movie night will be held at the Moncrieff on February 26 at 5.30pm book tickets at