Glen Johnson leaving Southport watchhouse in 2014.
Glen Johnson leaving Southport watchhouse in 2014. David Clark

Justice slams drug dealer's excuse for having more drugs

A CONVICTED drug dealer's attempt to use personal tragedy to excuse being caught with a significant amount of meth while on parole has been blasted in court.

Gold Coast man Glen William Johnson pleaded guilty in Brisbane Supreme Court on Friday to three drug possession charges.

The court heard on August 3, 2018 he was found with used drug paraphernalia and about 12 grams of pure methamphetamines.

At the time he was on parole for a previous conviction of drug trafficking and allowing a property to be used for prostitution.

Johnson has spent about 10 months in jail waiting to be sentenced.

His lawyer told the court that Johnson turned to meth after his grandfather passed away.

But Justice David Boddice, who sentenced Johnson previously, said Johnson had used similar excuses when he was sentenced for trafficking.

"He's a mature man, he needs to grow up,” he said.

"The idea that he has been rehabilitated is not accepted by the evidence.

"He was found with almost 12 grams of pure methamphetamine on him while he is a parolee and he's apparently supposed to get a pat on the back.”

Johnson was sentenced to one year's jail, to be added to the sentence he is already serving. He will be able to apply for parole next month.

"You will have to convince the authorities you are an appropriate candidate for parole,” Justice Boddice said.