Drugs, booze, or both have probably not mixed well with the young man, a judge says.
Drugs, booze, or both have probably not mixed well with the young man, a judge says. monkeybusinessimages

Judge: Don't give up on him - but don't give him bail either

A YOUNG man locked up since mayhem erupted in Toowoomba on St Patrick's Day needs help, but won't be getting bailed, a judge says.

Damien James Reynolds, 22, arrested after an alleged crime spree on March 17, applied for bail in Brisbane District Court on Friday.

Justice Martin Burns said it was too soon to "give up" on Reynolds, but the young man's history was alarming.

Reynolds was arrested after a wild night of car and foot chases in Toowoomba that led to six people facing 73 charges related to burglary, evading police and unlawful use of cars.

Police planned to allege Reynolds was responsible for the theft of a car which was involved in the assault of a police officer.

He needed help for booze problems, drug problems, or both, but had seemingly rebuffed previous attempts to help him, Justice Burns said.

"Mr Reynolds has a very concerning criminal history with many ... property and dishonesty offences."

Reynolds also had "quite serious convictions" for violent offending, Justice Burns added.

In 2012, Reynolds was one of two people accused of assaulting a man with a fence paling in Newtown.

Reynolds had breached bail three times and also contravened directions three times, the court heard.

"This is a difficult case for you but I don't think I can grant bail in this case," Justice Burns told defence barrister Steve Kissick.

Reynolds had been remanded in custody for 169 days now.

The charges were committed to Toowoomba District Court but an indictment had not been presented.