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Jonah Hill involved in a car accident

JONAH Hill was involved in a car crash on Saturday.

The 'Wolf of Wall Street' star managed to walk away unharmed after his lavish black Audi took a battering during an incident on Hooper Avenue and 17th Street in downtown Los Angeles, California.

According to TMZ, the actual cause of the crash is not yet known but Jonah's car and the other person's vehicle - which was involved in the smash - were so badly damaged that they had to be towed away.

Photographs obtained by the website show Jonah's car covered in scratches as well as a huge dent stretched across both the doors.

The 32-year-old actor - who had a male passenger with him at the time of the crash - couldn't hide his frustration as police grilled him on the incident, before he was forced to hire an Uber - a worldwide online transportation network company - to take him and his friend away.

Jonah was no doubt struggling to deal with all the attention he was getting after the smash as he recently admitted he's bad at being famous.

He said: "I'm just not good at being famous. I'm proudly not good at it.

"Because to be good at being famous you have to be fake and full of s**t. I don't know if I want to be better at that."

However, he has revealed he regularly has a "resting b***h face", which makes people think he is "p***ed off" by someone or something.

He quipped: "I look p***ed off a lot. I have resting bitch face."