Aussies are not welcome, says the job ad.
Aussies are not welcome, says the job ad. Aisling Brennan

APOLOGY: Job ad tells Aussies not to bother applying

UPDATE: A FARM worker has apologised on social media after backlash about a job advertisement seeking only Asian workers to work at a local strawberry farm.    There were initial concerns the ad was connected to one of the region's biggest strawberry producers, SSS Strawberries, but the company said it had nothing to do with it, which was clarified in a follow-up post by the original advertiser, according to   "Sorry for the misleading post," the ad's poster wrote.   "I like to be clear I am not working for SSS farm and have nothing to do with SSS either work or accommodation. This post is for our farm and sorry my English was not clear."   The initial advertisement, posted to a Bundaberg Facebook job page, caused outrage in the community after it stated only Korean, Japanese and Taiwanese workers could apply.   The ad also specifically stated "if you are Aussie or European, please don't contact to me".   According to a Fair Work spokesperson, under the Fair Work Act 2009, it is unlawful for an employer to discriminate against an employee or prospective employee on the basis of a range of specific protected attributes, including race or national extraction.    "If an employer discriminates it could be considered adverse action and in breach of the Fair Work Act," the spokesperson said.   More information on discrimination in the workplace can be found at and a fact sheet about workplace discrimination is also available at   Any employer or employee seeking advice or assistance can visit the Fair Work Ombudsman website at or call the Fair Work Infoline on 13 13 94 for advice.    An interpreter service is available by calling 13 14 50, and information on the website is now translated into 40 languages.  




EARLIER: AN ADVERTISEMENT seeking farm workers to pick fruit in Bundaberg has sparked outrage in the community after it described only Korean, Japanese and Taiwanese workers need apply.

The ad, posted this week to the Facebook page called Bundaberg Job Vacancies Site, also specifically stated "if you are Aussie or European, please don't contact to me".

The post advertised work at a local strawberry farm, picking the fruit on a six day a week roster with accommodation also readily available.

It did not state what farm the work was available at and was posted by a "worker", not a farm owner.

"Hello I'm a picker in big of strawberry farm and it is located in Bundaberg," the post said.

"Field condition is so good. Plant is 2 bed so you can picking strawberry easily more than 3 or 4 bed.

"Our farms plant is new in this year! so It will be big and good (it means you can get lot of money!)."

The post then goes on to state the pay amount before it finishes off with what some have described as this "discriminatory" statement:

"Our farm can work now only Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese," the post reads.

"If you are Aussie or European, please don't contact to me."

Since the post circulated, many people have voiced their disgust, including one Bundaberg woman who spoke to the NewsMail about the ad.

Tiegan Lyn said the post raised some concerning questions by Australians who were desperately seeking work.

"I do have troubles looking for work as I know there would be many other people applying for the same job," she said.

"Luckily for me I found work that is flexible around my uni.

"This post goes to show to what us Australians have been saying all along, that we are less likely to work with our Aussie farmers."

Ms Lyn said the job advertisement further escalated the notion that Australian workers were being deliberately overlooked by farmers.

"This is proof that potential Australian workers are left behind. Also evidence based around the lack of racial diversity," she said.

"I feel passionately about this as it is getting out if hand and it is giving my hometown a bad reputation."

One of the region's biggest strawberry producers, SSS Strawberries, said they were in no way connected to the Facebook job advertisement.

Owner Toan Nguyen told the NewsMail the post definitely wasn't from his business and said he was proud of his multiculturalism and support for the local community.

"That is definitely something we don't condone," he said.

"We have a lot of people working for our farm from all over, locals and Europeans as well."

"We are very multicultural."

According to the Australian Human Rights Commission, employers are required by law to avoid discrimination on the basis of protected attributes when recruiting staff.

"Job advertisements should not discourage some people from applying or imply that only certain applicants will be considered," the AHRC said.

"They should not include words, phrases or euphemisms that could be seen as restrictive."

The NewsMail contacted the three phone numbers posted on the advertisement but no one answered.

The post has since been removed from Facebook.