WEAVING WONDERS: Childers local Jenny Bouchardt has begun knitting beanies for brain cancer.
WEAVING WONDERS: Childers local Jenny Bouchardt has begun knitting beanies for brain cancer. Jim Alouat

Carrie Bickmore inspires Childers woman to knit beanies

INSPIRED by The Project's Carrie Bickmore, a Childers woman has begun knitting beanies for brain cancer.

In 2011 Jenny Bouchardt lost her mother to brain cancer, witnessing firsthand the insidious nature of the disease.

"For such an outgoing person what it did to her was horrible," she said.

"But we had mum around for a lot longer than doctors thought."

Ms Bouchardt distinctly remembers her mother becoming self conscious about her hair while undergoing chemotherapy.

Last month, when Bickmore collected her Gold Logie at the Logie Awards, the popular 34-year-old donned a beanie and spoke candidly of her husband's battle with the disease (he died in 2010) and her desire to raise awareness for brain cancer.

When Ms Bouchardt's daughter told her about Bickmore's speech, she decided to put her knitting skills to use.

"I watched it and thought I can knit some beanies to help people," she said.

"My daughter put that on Facebook and a lot of people replied saying they wished they had something like that when dealing with chemo.

"I started off doing it with the knitting needles but I had to stop because of my arthritis so I bought some looms and I have been able to do a lot more."

Ms Bouchardt delivered about 30 beanies to Bundaberg Hospital a couple of weeks ago.

She planned to deliver more to Brisbane Hospital in the near future.

Ms Bouchardt said this was her way of contributing to a worthy cause and to say thank you to both hospitals for helping her mother.

"I'll be doing it as long as I am able," she said.

"If I can help somebody feel a bit better then it will be worthwhile."

You can mail or drop wool off at 108 Station Rd, Childers or there are plenty of shops around Childers that have become drop-off points so check for flyers.