Glenn Rushton is back on his feet after a battle with a dodgy lobster.
Glenn Rushton is back on his feet after a battle with a dodgy lobster.

Forget Horn-Crawford, who would win battle of trainers?

GLENN Rushton may have been flattened by a dodgy lobster over the weekend but Jeff Horn is still backing his man if a battle erupts with Terence Crawford's "all noise" trainer in Las Vegas on Sunday.

Rushton, a cross between Chuck Norris and Anthony Robbins, taught Horn to throw his first proper punch 12 years ago but was floored by a cruel crustacean in a local restaurant on Sunday.

Still Horn reckons that even with a bout of food poisoning the 60-year-old would have no trouble dealing with the trainer of Terence Crawford, Horn's opponent in their world welterweight title fight on Sunday.

Crawford's trainer, the swaggering Brian McIntyre, has threatened to knock Rushton out over his comments about Crawford being a "princess'' for withdrawing from their original fight in April.

On Monday, the wiry Rushton, fully recovered from his illness, said McIntyre was the least of his worries and considered him just a big American windbag - "all noise''.

Horn warned the beefy American, who was once beaten by the world's fattest fighter "Butterbean'', that he would get seriously hurt if he tried anything with Rushton.


Glenn Rushton talks tactics with Jeff Horn.
Glenn Rushton talks tactics with Jeff Horn.

"I'd be petrified to fight Glenn to be honest," Horn said.

"I wouldn't want anything to do with him.

"McIntyre doesn't know what he's dealing with but if he starts anything he'll find out pretty quick. Glenn is devastating.

"I remember watching him give self-defence demonstrations back in the day and the way he just took guys down so quickly - not even hurting them - but just taking them down to the ground. I was like, 'wow that was fast'."

Horn first met Rushton in 2006 when he took self-defence classes one night a week in the home gym at the trainer's Stretton mansion so he could ward off bullies.

It became the base to launch a magnificent boxing career.


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