BEST: Wide Bay Premier League player of the year, Jarrod Best (KSS Jets).
BEST: Wide Bay Premier League player of the year, Jarrod Best (KSS Jets). Matthew McInerney

Jarrod shocked when he was named the Wide Bay's Best

HONOUR: Nobody was more surprised to learn the identity of Wide Bay Premier League's best player of the season than KSS Jets striker Jarrod Best.

The 20-year-old striker was crowned WBPL's best player

"I was telling someone next to me that they'd get it, but when my name was at the top of the leader board I was speechless," Best said.

"I did not think that was going to happen. Especially because the team didn't go too well this year.

"It proves if you do put in the hard work it will be seen."

Best scored 11 goals this season to finish fifth in the chase for the competition's Golden Boot. While he was 14 goals behind winner, Sunbury's Anthony Mollee, it was Best's name beside 61 per cent of the Jets' goals in the 2018 season.

The Jets finished bottom of the table, but Best was easily regarded among the side's best each week. Now he has the silverware to show for it.

"On the last round, I think I was first and I was thinking 'this can't be right'," Best said when he relived the vote count.

"A few other names moved above mine, but the very last person's name to move was mine. I was shocked.

"It's pretty special. People have seen me do the work I do.

"Sometimes I feel like I can put in a heap of work but it's just unseen, I'm playing the game. But it's great to see people are watching the games."

The Jets won one and drew one of their 16 games, but all of that pain - the heavy losses each week reflected in the shrinking number of Jets at training each session - was worth it, at least for Best, when he received the award.

Best has not always been about the football life.

A lover of rugby league, the Brisbane Broncos fan took up football because he wasn't allowed to play league.

He has played for Sandy Straits, then KSS Jets, since the start, and has stayed loyal.

"I always wanted to play league but I started playing football and I ended up being good at it," Best said.

"Someone would pass me the ball and, because I was quick, I would just run with it.

"I was always the right wing, but one day I was playing for Paul Gordon's team, the second division side, and I think our striker was away.

"He put me in that day and since then I've stayed there. I must've scored a few goals that game and I've stayed.

"I think that was under-14s and I've been there since."

When asked what separated him from other players, the right-footed, right winger or centre striker, said he was known for his speed and head.

"I think 80 per cent of my goals this year were off my head," Best said.

"I seem to be known as the fast person on the team. If they put a good ball through they know I'll probably get to it.

"Scoring headers, there's always 50 per cent of the other person's job as they have to put that good ball in."

The Jets striker said that while it would be great to play professionally, he played for fun as it's a good way to stay healthy, fit and make friends.