Plastic Free July: Marco signs off early

I'VE thrown The Daily Examiner under the bus for my own corporate ambitions, but regarding plastic use my morals still stand strong.

I'll see out Plastic Free July until the end of the month and most definitely continue minimising my plastic use for good.

If you are unsure why I've avoided plastic this month so fanatically, do what I did in June. Keep all the plastic you use in a box and watch it build up.

Recyclables can go in the yellow bin (I'm avoiding these through July), but keep all the packets, wrapping and cling wrap and watch the pile grow.

All that happens when plastic is put in the bin is that it gets taken to the tip, out of sight and out of mind.

It doesn't break down, it just leaks toxins into the earth or get blown into the ocean. It just keeps building up and taking space in landfill. So keep it in your house for a while to see its impact close up.

After July, keep cutting down on plastics. All you need is organisation and choosing to cut down will do the world a world of good.

It is unfortunate I did not get to write more regarding plastic or see out the entire month out at the publication. But during my time at The Daily Examiner I did achieve a few things worth noting.

You could say 'I came, I saw, I examined'.