YOUNG LOVE: Taylor Collins, Elliott Compton and Dayne Compton loving life together.
YOUNG LOVE: Taylor Collins, Elliott Compton and Dayne Compton loving life together. CONTRIBUTED

It was love at first sight for young Bundy couple

WHEN young lovers Taylor Collins and Dayne Compton first locked eyes they knew it was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Meeting four years ago, Taylor said the two have certainly grown as a couple and created a beautiful family.

"We actually met at a friend's house,” she said.

"I couldn't stop looking at him and he couldn't stop looking at me.

"As soon as I saw him I just had massive shivers down my body as if I knew this guy was going to impact my life a lot.

"It was literally the weirdest feeling I've ever felt - not very romantic - but we always talk about it now and laugh.”

For their first date the love birds went to dinner at Penny Lane, which is now their number one place for date night.

"We've definitely grown together, I've seen him at his worst and best, and he has with me,” she said.

"The people we have become, you wouldn't even recognise us we've changed that much.

"We use our mistakes and successes to grow together and make us stronger and will continue to do so.”

It seems nothing could break the bond of the Bundy couple.

A MOMENT IN TIME: Bundaberg couple Taylor Collins and Dayne Compton. Morgan Parremore Photography

When Taylor found out she was pregnant the couple had their doubts but knew together they could and would raise their baby boy.

"In the beginning it was tough, we were both emotional and had our doubts but after some time of thinking we realised we could do it and we did,” she said.

"The journey was the most amazing thing I've ever gone through. Dayne used to sit there and talk to him and sing to him to try and make him move around.

"I had an easy pregnancy which I'm so grateful for. I'm convinced it was meant to happen as since having Elliott the strength it has given us is incredible.”

Wholeheartedly embracing being a father, Taylor said Dayne is "amazing with him”.

"As soon as he comes home from work he's with him, playing with him and talking to him,” she said.

"And Elliott just adores Dayne so much!

"They're the best of friends and I just love seeing Dayne give him all that love and wanting to be the best father he can be.”

Showered in the love of his parents, Elliott Compton is the gem in the young couple's relationship.

This Valentine's Day Taylor said she was going to make a home cooked dinner and dessert for her boys.