Is there a killer in your home? Warning on gas stoves

IT'S the timebomb waiting to kill someone and it could be in your home.

Tens of thousands of these dangerous one-pot gas cookers were sold across Queensland under more than 60 names including U-Bute Traveller, Wild Country Handy Range Portable Camping Stove, Campmaster, Topstove and Bai Hui Portable Camping Stove.

Authorities fear it is just matter of time until one of the portable butane stoves catches fire, explodes and shoots out high-speed shrapnel, injuring or killing anyone within a 100m radius.

Two Rockhampton blokes are lucky to be alive after one detonated and landed them in hospital.

The burners, which were recalled in 2014, have dodgy safety mechanisms meaning the insertable gas canister does not eject automatically when it overheats.

There is also a high risk of explosion if the stoves are not used correctly.

CQ RESIDENTS URGED: 'Hand back these time bombs now'

Thousands of the cookers were distributed throughout Queensland in the wake of Cyclone Oswald and other 2013 natural disasters that caused power blackouts.

A range of outdoor camping and sporting retailers sold them.

Queensland Fire and Emergency Services community engagement manager Kevin Reading warned owners to evacuate the immediate area if the stoves caught on fire.

"Isolate the immediate area and do not try and put the fire out," Acting Inspector Reading told APN Newsdesk.

"The chance of explosion is quite great.

"The fragments can go anywhere, any sort of distance.

"The fragments will come from the canister and the explosion could rip the cooker apart as well."

Acting Minister for Natural Resources and Mines Bill Byrne urged anyone who has the cookers to take the stove and the canister to their local council tip.



Cookers with these appliance model numbers or customer codes are faulty:

AD90, CM2100, CM2200, STO990, ST7000, FT2100, FT2200, ST1, ST2, 2150, 2250, 2250SP, 2160, 2160S 2170 2270, BDZ-168, BDZ-163S, Brand MS-2000 B, Plus MS-2000, PC1060, KPC1060, MPC1060, PC1065, JPC1065, PC1070, PC1075, PC2070, KPC2070, MPC2070, AR2070, PC2075, BBC2075, PC2080, 509245, COMP523, 509245 ST0990, 2240,2271, TLB-102L,509230 7027612, 9002457, PL-121.

Brand names include: U-Bute Traveller, Auscrown, Wild Country Handy Range Portable Camping Stove, Campmaster, Kookaburra, Grillpro, Topstove, Fiesta, Falcon, Wild Country, Freetime, Festiva, The Stove, Sunshine, Campers Collection, Oztrail, Roman, Progaz and Bai Hui Portable Camping Stove.


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