MYSTERIOUS floating orbs have Rosewood Hotel manager Yannan Lee wondering whether the pub's legendary ghosts are stirring again.

The pub has made a name for itself as a haunted hotel, but the appearance of the orbs has added a new dimension to the mystery. Captured at least three times on security camera, the orbs float through the air.

"I went to check if the cameras worked and when I put in 11.30pm I saw the orbs. I thought, 'This is amazing'," Ms Lee said.

"I asked the staff to come and have a look and they lasted for one hour."

The following night at 2am she saw them again. Wondering if the orbs were due to dust on the camera, she asked a man to put his hand over the lense.

"But they were still there," she said.

"You can only see them on the monitor, but when you go outside they are not there. Sometimes I go to close the bar at night and there is no one behind me, but then I feel a cold feeling go right through me."

Ms Lee has also seen a shadow that she said came out of the floor and moved through a door in the bar area.

Councillor David Pahlke, long intrigued by the three ghostly figures that have roamed the corridors of his 100-year-old-pub, has delved into his X-files to shed light on the bizarre balls.

"The pub has three spirits that we know of," he said.

"One is of an old lady that is often seen on the back veranda. Another is an American Negro soldier who was shot dead in the back in the pub during the Second World War. The third is Rusty, the water ghost who we first encountered when we bought the pub 10 years ago, but he has gone quiet. But these orbs are new."

SPOOKED: Rosewood Hotel manager Yannan Lee is curious to find out what is behind the mysterious orbs seen on security footage.
SPOOKED: Rosewood Hotel manager Yannan Lee is curious to find out what is behind the mysterious orbs seen on security footage. David Nielsen

Sceptics have discounted any supernatural aspect to photos of orbs, explaining them as dust particles on the lense.

"But these orbs move around. They don't dissipate," Cr Pahlke said.

"They move out of sight and then come down the stairs. I am still looking for a logical explanation."

Monte Pahlke saw a mystery figure while sitting in the beer garden at 4.40am preparing for an early drive down to NSW.

"I saw a female figure glide from the bathroom of the balcony into the hallway. There was a pale expression on her face and the hair was white and curly like an old person," he said.

"I said to dad, 'Who is the old lady staying in the hotel?', and it turned out we had no one staying here. It was really creepy."

Bartender Jesse Johansen said she often saw people go down the hallway in her peripheral vision, but "you stick your head around the corner and there is no one".

"My nephew was waiting for me to close up one night in the dining area and he felt someone touch him on the shoulder and came flying in.

"Then we saw two big orbs on the screen one night and my nephew went outside and started dancing with them," she said.

Dancing with the orbs. Only at the Rosewood Hotel.