An Ipswich mum is no longer iusing drugs after being busted.
An Ipswich mum is no longer iusing drugs after being busted. John Gass

Ipswich mum kicks drugs after first arrest

AN IPSWICH mum's first brush with the law was enough to stop her using drugs.

Kerry-Ann Maree Dodt on Wednesday pleaded guilty in Brisbane Supreme Court to two charges of possessing drugs that were found in her Gatton home in May 2015.

A police search of the premises unearthed about 9.3g of methamphetamine and a small amount of marijuana.

Dodt's then partner was also charged and has already been sentenced.

Sentencing Dodt to two years jail with immediate parole, Justice Helen Bowskill told the 41-year-old she was glad to hear the defendant had not touched ice since her arrest.

Justice Bowskill also noted Dodt's previously clean criminal history, her attempts to rehabilitate and her decision to plead instead of going to trial.

Justice Bowskill said Dodt could lose contact with her three children, all aged under 15, if she started using again.

"You don't have to spend very long in court to fully understand the completely catastrophic effects of this drug (ice) on people who use it, their family and their friends and the resulting crimes," Justice Bowskill said.

"It's an horrific, horrific drug.

"If you breach your parole in any way you will find yourself in custody."

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