The Ipswich City Council. Wayne Wendt and councillors.
The Ipswich City Council. Wayne Wendt and councillors. Hayden Johnson

'It's in city's best interest': MPs back council's dismissal

FRIENDSHIPS and shared political views will be set aside as Ipswich's state MPs rally behind the government to dismiss councillors.

Ipswich's four MPs have confirmed they will support Local Government Minister Stirling Hinchliffe's legislation to dismiss the council.

With Labor ties between many of the councillors and state MPs, the decision to support the sacking of friends has been described as difficult.

Member for Jordan Charis Mullen said she needed "to do what's in the best interests of the community.

"I have sympathy for the current councillors but the recent reports that have come out from the CCC and the audit reports of Ipswich companies have led me to believe this needs to happen now," she said.

"Yes, it has been difficult because some of the councillors I consider friends.

"You need to look beyond that when making decisions."

Inside Ipswich City Council is former Labor treasurer Cheryl Bromage, former Labor MP Wayne Wendt and several party members.

Ms Mullen, a union organiser and advisor, has known Labor councillors for years.

Member for Ipswich Jennifer Howard said sacking the council was "the right legislation for our city".

"I will vote with the government," she said.

"My job as the Member for Ipswich is to represent the community and being an MP involves tough decisions."

Ms Howard said she would put the interests of the community before personal relationships.

"Of course that means for some people, you can't please everybody," she said.

"It's coming to the pointy end now and I want to thank Ipswich people for their patience during this long process.

"I will do everything in my power to ensure the transition is smooth and Ipswich continues to progress."

Ipswich West MP Jim Madden and Bundamba MP Jo-Ann Miller will back the sack.

The parliament's only Independent MP, Noosa's Sandy Bolton, will also support the government bill.

The former councillor sympathised with Ipswich but said people needed trust.

"Once that trust has been abused or broken, it needs to be dealt with," she said.

"In local government, you're facing your ratepayers.

"It can be a difficult realm but we are charged with a responsibility and that is to ensure every step of the way we're doing the best by our community and abiding all the laws we were inducted under."