Another person from Point Vernon has come forward claiming to have experienced supernatural activity in their home.
Another person from Point Vernon has come forward claiming to have experienced supernatural activity in their home. Benjamin Haas

Sceptic sees the supernatural

NATHAN had always been a sceptic when it came to supernatural experiences.

That is, until he started having them himself.

Nathan and his wife Patricia, who asked that their last name be kept private, moved into their Point Vernon home about a year ago, unaware that the person who lived in their home before them had moved out because of the paranormal activity he had experienced there.

When he read about Point Vernon's Heremaia family (FCC-29-11-11) and the supernatural events they had been experiencing, it all sounded eerily familiar - especially the part about being held down by an unseen force.

After they moved into the house, which is located near Polson cemetery, Nathan found out the previous occupant had a supernatural encounter in the home.

The man told Nathan he had experienced the sensation of being held down in his bed and being unable to move.

"He is a grown man and this happened to him - he kept his light on in bed for six months afterwards," Nathan said.

About three months after hearing the former owner's story, Nathan was lying in bed when he felt the sensation.

He felt he was being held down by some unseen force and was unable to move a single part of his body.

Nathan decided not to tell his wife about what had happened to him or the former occupant of the home, not wanting to scare her.

But about a month after Nathan's experience, Patricia woke him up telling him something had been holding her down and she had not been able to move.

It was then that Nathan told her about his own experience of the sensation and what the former occupant had said.

Not long after Patricia's scare, Nathan woke up to the sound of his dog crying.

The sound got louder and louder until eventually he got up to see what the problem was.

The house was pitch black and he was heading in the direction of the dog when right in front of him something screamed.

He raced back into the bedroom where his wife was sitting straight up in bed wondering what had happened.

It is just the two of them living in the home.

Now Nathan wants to get in touch with the Heremia family to see if there is anything they can do to solve their supernatural problem.