REVEALED: Every Bundaberg school's NAPLAN results

BUNDABERG students are lagging behind the rest of the state when it comes to literacy.

The Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority yesterday released the raw NAPLAN data for schools' achievements in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9.

While a few standout Bundy schools performed well above the Queensland average across the board, the numbers become far less favourable when averaged out and compared to the state's mean.

St Luke's Anglican School recorded the highest NAPLAN results in all test areas: reading, writing, spelling, grammar and punctuation, and numeracy.

Year 7 and 9 students who participated in the standardised test at the private school earned scores that soared above the Queensland average, with the most noteworthy result stemming from St Luke's Year 9 numeracy test result of 624.

Close behind was Bundaberg Christian College's 601. Gin Gin State High School was third with a 568.

See below for a comprehensive list of all Bundaberg school NAPLAN results:

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As a cohort, however, Bundaberg schools have some catching up to do, with only the Year 3s and some Year 5s on par with the state.

Australian Catholic University researcher Professor Kathy Mills said third grade students were known to perform better than older grades.

She said statewide Year 3s were seen to be performing more consistently compared to Year 5s, 7s and 9s, where scores started to drop off.

Research conducted by Claire Wyatt-Smith at the Institute for Learning Sciences and Teacher Education found big drops in scores past the third grade.

"Teachers and students up to Year 3 are addressing phonics and mechanisms of writing but as they move up kids are not writing longer and more complex texts and less time is spent on writing," Prof Mills said.

"So when you look at that study across the board there is a general trend, and maybe it is because there is an assumption that kids can write at that age, but they don't actually get those foundations.

"So we don't know why particular schools go down on that criteria, but we do know what can improve writing."

These methods can include making time for students to write more, providing constructive criticism, helping children set NAPLAN goals and getting children to assess their work.

Bundy's nine secondary schools' average Year 9 writing score of 513 was below Queensland's mean of 527.

Following a similar trend was the average score for spelling among the region's Year 7s (524) compared to the state's 541.

The NewsMail's analysis showed the region was below average compared to Queensland across the vast majority of test areas. The exception was numeracy, where most class averages came up even or just short of the state's mean.

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Despite certain star performers who pulled Bundy's average class test scores up (St Luke's, BCC, Shalom College, Childers State and Gooburrum), the region is clearly lagging behind the sunshine state.

The Bundaberg year level that performed the best as a group in respect to the rest of Queensland was the Year 3s.

Gooburrum State School dominated the Year 3 reading test with a score of 498, well above the state's average (429).

St John's Lutheran (second) and St Luke's (third) scored a 467 and 450 respectively, each also coming in ahead of the Queensland schools' average.

Despite these positive results, as a cohort, Bundy's Year 3s were at least 20 points behind the state mean across every test area except numeracy, where the average of 386 fell below Queensland's average by 13 points.

Bundy's Year 5s reading average for the age group (493) was eight points below the state's. Similarly, their spelling score of 482 was 14 points short.

Many Queensland Year 9 students are failing to meet basic writing standards.
Many Queensland Year 9 students are failing to meet basic writing standards.

Bundy NAPLAN Highlights:

  • St John's Lutheran Primary School had the second-best Year 3 reading result, scoring 467.
  • Dallarnil State School had the highest reading score in Year 5, with a 530. Second was St Luke's Anglican School.
  • Bundaberg East State School was the top school in the region for the Year 5 grammar and punctuation test, with a score of 527.
  • Childers State School's Year 3 numeracy score of 433 soared above the state average of 399.
  • The highest scoring NAPLAN test in Bundaberg was a 624 in the Year 9 numeracy category, achieved by St Luke's Anglican School.
  • Bundaberg Christian College and Shalom College tied for second for the region's highest writing score with a 533. The state average is 527.
  • Bundaberg State High School scored the fourth highest Year 7 writing score of 481. Gin Gin State High School followed with 473.
  • Kolan South State School earned the second highest Year 5 numeracy score (522) and the third highest Year 3 grammar and punctuation result (448).
  • Wallaville came in third for the Year 3 spelling test with a score of 398.