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Inquest into Amy Winehouse's death to be reheard

THE inquest into Amy Winehouse's death will be reheard next month.

The result of the 'Back to Black' singer's passing was officially recorded as 'misadventure', through accidental alcohol poisoning, but the assistant deputy coroner who worked on the original inquest, Ms. Suzanne Greenway, was not thought to be qualified for the role.

The inquest will now be re-heard again at St. Pancras Coroner's court, where the original inquest took place.

Dr Shirley Radcliffe, interim coroner for Inner North London, said: "I can confirm that an inquest into the death of Amy Winehouse will be heard at St. Pancras Coroner's Court.

"After taking the appropriate legal advice I am minded that due to the previous assistant deputy coroner's ineligibility to hold coronial office that the inquest into the death of Amy Winehouse has not technically been heard.

"I have therefore scheduled an inquest to take place where the evidence will be heard in public before a judgement is made."

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Suzanne stood down from her post of assistant deputy coroner in November 2011 after it emerged she had not been a lawyer in the UK for the required five years.

The local council said she had been appointed "in error" by her husband Dr. Andrew Reid, the coroner for inner north London.

Andrew was suspended in February this year as the Official for Judicial Complaints began an investigation and has since resigned.

Dr. Reid has previously written to a number of families offering them a second inquest, and reassuring them he was "confident" the inquiries had been handled correctly in the first place.

Amy's father, Mitch, said he and his family were "shocked" to discover Suzanne was not qualified but did not believe the ruling was in any doubt.

He said: "We were very shocked when we were informed the coroner was not suitably qualified.

"It's hard to believe her credentials weren't fully checked. You'd assume this sort of thing can't happen.

"We've been informed the coroner was taking guidance from more experienced professionals and the verdict doesn't appear to be in any doubt, but it's upsetting to have to go through all this again. We just hope that matters can be resolved soon."