Kane Robert Bacon will be eligible for parole in July after pleaded guilty to burglary offence.
Kane Robert Bacon will be eligible for parole in July after pleaded guilty to burglary offence.

‘Incorrigible offender’ jailed for burglary of Bundy home

A court has heard how a man stole a number of items from a car and a home to swap them for morphine tablets.

Kane Robert Bacon, 45, pleaded guilty in Bundaberg Magistrates Court on Friday to five offences including entering a dwelling and committing an indictable offence.

Bacon appeared in the courtroom via videolink from the Maryborough Correctional Centre.

On December 19 last year Bacon entered two cars at Livingstone St.

He then went inside a house and into a bedroom where he stole a backpack, a pillowcase, $50 in assorted coins, an Apple watch and some headphones.

Bacon put the items inside the pillowcase before taking a bicycle and leaving.

The court heard Bacon's fingerprints were found at the scene when police were doing their investigations.

Three days later Bacon was found by police where he was verbally abusive and "tried to make a run for it".

Bacon eventually co-operated with police and told them the home was an easy target "because it was open".

Police prosecutor Senior Constable Tina Bland told the court Bacon committed the offences three days after he was previously dealt with in court for other matters.

She said Bacon had an "appalling" history and was also on a suspended sentence and parole at the time.

Sen Const Bland similar offending was prevalent in Bundaberg and around the state.

Bacon's lawyer Gavin James told the court at the time of the offending Bacon was having issues accessing his money and as a result made "very poor decisions".

Mr James said Bacon was trying to restart his NDIS program after being released from another period of time in custody.

Bacon had moved away from the Brisbane area to get away from "like minded associates in regards to the use of drugs".

Mr James said Bacon had registered for the NDIS program and was granted funding allowing him to access medical and drug and alcohol support.

He said as a result of not being able to access his money, Bacon wasn't able to get his medication which included morphine tablets.

Magistrate Andrew Moloney described Bacon as an "incorrigible offender".

Mr Moloney also took into account Bacon's history which included similar previous offences and was 14 pages in length.

He warned Bacon that if he didn't accept the help he had from the NDIS he would keep going back to jail for longer periods of time.

Bacon was sentenced to 15 months imprisonment which was to be served cumulative on another sentence he was serving.

His suspended sentence was also activated.

He will be eligible for parole in July.

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