Blake Kummerow at Rob's Shed.
Blake Kummerow at Rob's Shed. Contributed

Impact community services coming back from Covid

EVERYONE has lost some essential contact during the COVID-19 restrictions, but it has hit participants in IMPACT Community Services' disability programs hard.

Some of their vital group meet-ups had to be cancelled to comply with lockdown regulations.

But Roz Blood, NDIS co-ordinator with IMPACT, is happy to announce the resumption of several popular activities.

Rob's Shed has reopened for all carpenters who make use of the facilities to practice their woodworking skills.

The sessions will be run to comply with social distancing rules and strictly monitored.

"It will be the same Rob's Shed, but modified and adapted to ensure everyone's safety and wellbeing," Ms Blood  said.

And from Tuesday, the popular Fitness for Fun exercise sessions will resume, but these will be held outdoors.

Also restarting is the mental health peer support group Cooee, which will be held at Independence House.

All the groups are at full capacity and Roz's team will be working hard on the logistics to make sure that all the necessary social distancing and hygiene regulations are followed.

The NDIS essential services have remained in place, such as one-to-one home visits, and they've managed to keep the majority of these going except for those which had no alternative, such as Rob's Shed.

To find out more, call 4153 4233.