I'm sorry and I've listened to your message: Tom Waterhouse

BOOKMAKER Tom Waterhouse has apologised for the public outcry over his advertising and promised the Australian public they will see less of him on TV.

In a piece written for Sydney's Daily Telegraph, Mr Waterhouse says his advertising will be reduced from tonight. 

"I am sorry," he wrote.

"I have listened to the PM and Australia and have made the call with Channel 9 to dramatically cut back on my advertising from tonight."

Mr Waterhouse said he was trying to compete with "the overseas corporates who have taken over betting in Australia, and also with the TAB" through the advertising. 

"Because I stand up as the bookmaker, and do not present as a faceless corporation, I also have, somehow, become the public face of the entire Australian gambling industry," he wrote.

"If people have an issue with gambling, it seems to become an issue with me personally and I have to cop it on the chin."

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