A mother received a chilling phone call from the father of her daughters.
A mother received a chilling phone call from the father of her daughters. milicad

'I'm going to kill mummy': Mum overhears chilling threat

IT'S the phone call a mother never wants to receive.

Her two daughters were with their father - her ex-partner - during a planned visit.

He rang her from the car and said he wouldn't be returning the children home.

In the background she heard him say to the girls, "I'm going to kill mummy and when she gets a new boyfriend I'm going to kill him too. Then I'm going to burn your house down".

The woman's fears weren't realised and she got her children back without incident, but her ex went on to subject her to a barrage of phone calls and text messages.

He pleaded guilty in Maroochydore District Court to stalking, where Judge Glen Cash sentenced him to 18 months' imprisonment with parole in August.

The man - who can't be named to protect the identity of his victim - called the mother of his children 34 times days after he threatened her life.

From April 2-3, he called her 250 times and sent her about 60 messages.

He even called her while she was at the police station reporting the crime and told an officer that answered, he "didn't care" about a potential stalking charge. The woman received another 21 calls and 21 text messages that day.

The court heard the man had previously been convicted of domestic violence against her and was suffering from drug-addiction issues.

There was no evidence he had threatened the woman in the calls or text messages, rather expressing he wanted to see his children.

Judge Cash said the man should think about how "distressing" it must have been for his children.